Thursday, 30 April 2015

Life Lately #04.15

Two posts in one day? Oh yes...that's right!  What an excellent way to finish off the month of April blog posts than none other than my life late post.  Here’s a little round up for the month of April.

Sewing Classes
On April 17th I attended a evening sewing class at Sew Over It.  It was a three hour class teaching the basics of loading a bobbing and threading your machine. Plus you got to make a envelope cushion (see top left picture) with a choice of fabrics which covered the studio walls – heaven!!  The classes are small (there was 8 ladies) and we were all eager beavers to learn which was nice.  I have to say I was so proud of myself after I finished my cushion, as it felt like a real achievement that I’d made something with my own bare hands.  I'm attending two more follow up classes in the beginning of May where I will make and create a tote bag plus a makeup bag with a zip!!  I can't wait.

I feel like it has been ages since I read a book.  I've been reading sewing books quite a lot but I haven't read any fiction in a while.  Sometimes it’s the pain in the backside of having to lug around a beast of book around with you - that puts me off.  Yes I could buy a Kindle or read off an iPad – but to me real reading should use an actual book.  Will books die out like CD’s?  I just picked up Paula Hawkins The Girl on The Train which I need to start getting down and dirty with.  I've heard this is meant to be a great thriller and it's apparently going to be made in to a movie.  

Lately I have really attempted to up my water intake as I can lack in it sometimes.  I'm not a tea or coffee drinker so I literally only drink water.  I'm trying to carry a bottle around with me where ever I go and it seems to help.

Getting Fit – Again
After jumping up 8lbs in what feels like over night I am well truly sorting myself out.  I'm only 5’1 so as you can imagine 8lbs on a small petite frame sticks out like a sore thumb.  I'm getting to grips with eating clean plus ditching sugar (oh boy the headaches), I'm also getting out walking now we have sunshine until about 8pm.  I've been using my Fit Bit One to track my steps and the miles I'm walking as I think it helps to see it be recorded.  I just need to dust my fitness DVDs off.

Fuzzy Brain
I'm not sure if it’s where I'm cutting calories but I keep getting a fuzzy head where I feel off balance.  I can often feel that way with my anxiety but I feel fine currently so I’m not sure why I feel odd in the head.  If it persists I’ll have to get a blood test or something to have a closer look but hopefully fingers crossed it will disappear on its own.

What did your get up to in April?? 



Clarins Skincare Haul

Between you and me (don't tell anyone) I have to admit that I'm slowly becoming a Clarins junkie.  Thats right.  I have a small growing addiction which isn't too wise for my credit card, but it's our little secret right??  Here are my new goodies from this popular French brand.

Clarins Double Serum | LINK 
I'm almost out of my other bottle of this so I decided to stock up on the bigger bottle.  Ever since this award winning anti-aging serum hit the beauty shelves I've wanted to try it.  I've used other famous skincare serums notably the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, which I've never fallen head over heels for.  This serum is a duo phase formula which is held in two separate tubes... Press the pump the both appear just like magic.  If I had a choice between the Estee Lauder and Clarins I would always knock Estee to the kerb.  The packaging is far more user friendly plus I always reach for it morning and night over Estee.  Sorry Estee!!  #sorrybutnotsorry
Please note this does cost a small fortune but hey it's far cheaper than botox or a face-lift!

Clarins Multi-Active Early Wrinkle Correction Day Cream | LINK
I got a free to teenie tiny sample of this a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed how it makes my skin feel and look.  I have been trying to actively prevent wrinkles and any signs of aging basically.  It smells lovely, sinks into the skin fast and your skin looks fresh and plump when using it which makes me look far younger... Yes please.  I use this after the serum in the morning.  The only downside is there is no SPF in it.  Save up for this as you won't get much change back from a £50 note.

Clarins Instant Concealer shade 1 | LINK
I've heard lots of good things about this new-ish concealer.  Specifically created for those who suffer with dark circles.  It refreshes and fights fatigue. It's long wearing and smoothes the skin.  The consistency is light but covers well.  However I do personally find it settles in to my fine lines just a wee bit.  The colour selection is poor with only 3 to select from plus it is also quite pricey at £21.50 for a tiny tube.

That is it folks.  Do you have any Clarins recommendations??


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wardrobe Cleanse

The other day I was putting my clean clothes away in my wardrobe.  I stood back...  staring at it thinking to myself 'oh my days, what a mess' see inserted picture above.   My precious wardrobe is a giant pit of hangers and clothing which some have certainly been loved to death literally and perhaps others items don't get the love they actually deserve.

With Spring well and truly in the air I had a spring clean of my wardrobe (or closet ;-)) here my tips to a better healthy cleaner looking wardrobe.

Get It All Out
The first step is to see what you have.  Get it all out on to the bed (or floor) and if need be clean the gets dusty in there too.  From experience you cannot have a good clear out without making big mounds of clothes on the bed!  Make piles of jeans, skirts dresses etc and look at it.  Do you own two similar you need them both??

Stop Being Sentimental
Fact - I still own some clothes that I purchased around or over 10 years ago.  Do I still wear them?  When it comes to most items I'd probably say no.  Why do I still own them?  God knows.  Clothes can bring back memories - some good and some bad, but is it necessary to keep it cluttering an already small space?  Let's be's time to say farewell.

An obvious point to make but a good one.   Most of my clothes are work related... skirts,  black trousers, some nice tops - you get the jist.  I have all these items in one section on the left but in groups of skirts, tops,  cardigans, trousers etc.  I then have sections of casual hanging tops, dresses and trousers.  Not jeans just linen style trousers that must hang up.  Then to the far left I have fancy date night dresses.  I prefer to store mine in type of items instead of colour.

Reverse Hanger Trick
You've been through all your clothes and you hang on to an item as you 'think' you may wear it one day.  Put it back into your wardrobe with the hanger point/tip facing towards you.  Then on your phone diary set up a reminder for 3 to 6 months time to pop back to that said item.  If your hanger is still facing that way, you'll know you haven't worn it.  Let it go, let it goooooo.

Seasonal Clothes 
Unfortunately I am not blessed with a walk in wardrobes or a huge American style closet (oh I wish).  I have one average sized wardrobe from Ikea (in case you are wondering it's a custom made Pax in oak).  When it's winter I store summer clothes in clothes boxes on top of the wardrobes themselves, as it's the best option for me.  I use the Ikea Garnityr range as they are pretty and colours are fresh.

Keep, Give Away, Donate
When going through your clothes make three piles.  The keep pile, the give away to family and friends pile and the donate to charity pile.  Be ruthless and realistic.  Have you worn it recently and do you plan to wear it soon?  Anything you have not touched in 6 months needs to go -  let's be honest... why keep it?  Donate it so someone else who can enjoy it.

Saying Goodbye
You have your charity bag.  Look at the items and think 'would you buy this in a charity shop?'  If it has holes in it,  looks worn to death and discoloured is it fair to donate it?  Toss it out.  Give charity shops items they can actually sell on.

I hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning.

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